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Every year after the summer break, senior high students and parents gear up for a new school year. Summer has come and gone so quickly, and it’s not surprising that most students enjoyed it thoroughly that they’re scrambling to get things in order the night before. 

It’s not a bad thing since summer is all about enjoyment and fun, so whether or not you’re one of the kids who’s got their to-do list down, here are the top 5 things you should do before school starts!

Prepare your wardrobe.

Although senior high schools still have dress codes requiring students to wear uniforms, it’s best to remember that senior high students are now young adults, young adults with active social lives and expanding social circles.

Thus, it’s lucky that some senior high schools located near malls create many options for clothes shopping. You could look for clothes, shoes, and accessories that help express your personal style.

Additionally, don’t forget to buy all the needed school supplies so you don’t have to look for stores in the area around your senior high school. Make sure that you have everything you need, from notebooks to pens, before school starts!

Check out colleges and universities.

Senior high school is just two years away from college. Now that there are different strands like STEM, ABM and GAS strand, that separates students in order to give more specific lessons and curriculum, it may feel focused and limiting at the same time.

Senior high students are encouraged to visit colleges and universities within and outside the area to get a feel of which course they’d want to pursue after high school. It might come off as a little early but it never really is when it comes to determining your future. 

Study your strand curriculum. 

Now that you’ve determined which strand you wanted to be a part of, it’s best to review your curriculum before school starts. This will definitely help manage your expectations and help you prepare for your classes. Knowing the coverage of each subject could also help you determine which topics you feel like you need to read ahead about. 

It also pays to know more about the other strands. Some strands, like STEM and ABM, are known to be very career-specific while the General Academic Strand is considered to be for students who are not yet sure on what course they’d want to take in college. 

This causes misunderstandings and negative stereotypes about the GAS and its students. However, the GAS strand actually teaches students a wide range of skills and knowledge that would be useful, whichever path they decide to take. Some of these include organization and management, social science, economics, and humanities.

Hash out your exercise schedule. 

Senior high, like every other school year, will be a busy time. With the changing needs of a young adult’s body, it’s best to look after your health

Having a healthy body and exercise routine is known to alleviate stress and promote a healthy lifestyle and mindset. To foster this, dust off your bicycles and hit up your friends for some two-wheel bonding exercise. You could do leisure biking on paved roads and designated bike paths, or explore off-road trails if you’re feeling more adventurous. 

Lastly, double check everything.

You know what they say, prevention is better than the cure. Before the first day of school arrives, make sure to double check everything from your bag’s contents, your schedule, your school requirements, and your commute path. 

Review how the commute system works around your senior high school and make sure to have different paths to have choices whenever there’s an accident or heavy traffic to avoid. 

Finally, with everything ready and settled, do your best to relax and enjoy the year to come. School is not exclusively about studies and extracurricular activities, it’s also about fostering friendships and creating memories so don’t forget to enjoy the ride! 

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